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  3. #woostercollective 10 year anniversary print 36/100 signed by #shepardfairey It took me awhile to find this 🙏

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  6. Had to pull out the #Dussè for dinner yup it’s that kinda night.. Shoutout to #Hova

  8. O_o Love this woman.. 

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    @mssbarbieq #fixie #fixiegirl #fixedgear #fixedgeargirl

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    damn kelis

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  13. Caught these #lego guys trying to throw up @obeygiant stickers

  14. landscape-a-design:

    Project by: Margie Ruddick

    Transforming the tangle of infrastructure at the gateway to New York’s Long Island City into a lush green corridor welcoming to pedestrians and bicyclists. For the New York City Department of City Planning and Economic Development Corporation. With Marpillero Pollak, Michael Singer Studio, Leni Schwendinger Light Projects, WRT

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